Required DLL's for CU-SeeMe

Rich Kennerly (
Thu, 03 Aug 1995 08:45:41 -0400

There are three DLL's required by CU-SeeMe: msvideo.dll, winsock.dll, and
ctl3d.dll. We provide copies of msvideo.dll and ctl3d.dll for any user
who, for some reason, doesn't already have one (maybe almost no-one).
Winsock.dll you have to get with a Winsock package. CU-SeeMe also looks
for cuseeme.ini but doesn't require that one exist.

-Rich Kennerly - <> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

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Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 00:22:23 -0400
To: <>
Subject: Required programs for CU-SEEME

I tried downloading all the programs off the Cornell HTML listing
(FTP:// but I still cannot get it to work under
Windows. Is there a list of all the individual programs needed to download
to make CU-See Me run? I think I have not downloaded all the required
programs but don't know what I need, nor where to find them. I would also
appreciate the locations of all these programs if different from the one
above. Thank you.

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