CUSM/Inet Phone Ques

Jesse Mintz-Roth (
Thu, 03 Aug 1995 08:02:51 -0700

Me and a friend are trying to find a walk to talk on the Internet ..
and we don't care which way as long as it works. She has a Mac, and is
connected at 28.8K, and I have a PC, and it's also at 28.8K. She had heard
of CUSM, so we both got it, and tried to use it. First we were unable to
connect, but it worked when I connected to another PC. Then we found that we
couldn't 'emmit' sound (although both of us had soundcards) ... btw - I'm
not interested in the video half of the communicating ... it's not much of a
possibility over modem anyhow. Is there anyway to solve the emmission
problem? If not, is there an Internet Phone for Mac? I've found that the
Inet Phone works effectively enough for basic needs. Also, are CUSM and the
Inet Phone compatible... like could she use CUSM and me the Inet Phone?

TIA. -Jesse

Jesse Mintz-Roth
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