RE:CU-SeeMe and WIN-NT 3.5

Ledwith, Steven x1424 (!
Thu, 03 Aug 95 10:11:00 PDT

I am using cu-seeme with Windows NT 3.51 without any problem. One thing I
have found is you may have to connect to a few different sites before you
find one that answers. Also for NT the "hosts" file mentioned in the
documentation should reside in the \windows\system32\drivers\etc directory.

<<I am having a fews problems getting CU-SeeMe to working under
Windows Nt 3.5

I am using a 28.8K Modem over MS-RAS. Everything else i have tried
works OK.

The version of CU-SeeMe I have is W0.65b2

When I try connect to a reflector I get - No reponse from xxxxxxx
where xxxxxxx is the reflector or site i am trying to connect to. I have
raw IP addresses as well as domain names.

Any ideas.

thanks in advance>>