Re: How pass firewall?

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 14:17:16 -0700

At 9:53 8/3/95, Toshiaki Katsu wrote:
>Dear CU-SeeMe evangelist,
>I am a Mac programmer of e-mail application.
>I wolud like to test CU-SeeMe with outside.
>My site is gurded by firewall.
>I can't break wall with CU-SeeMe.
>Please give me a suggestion to go through firewall with CU-SeeMe.

Konnichi-wa Katsu-san,

You can minimize the security risk by allowing the UDP access to ONE HOST ONLY.
Then make sure that this host has no access to your remaining local network.

Here is the information for the router filter. Of course the
the should be replaces with the appropriate
ip information. The router administrator should know how to
handle it. (The format could be different)

permit udp eq 7648
permit udp eq 7649
permit udp eq 7650
permit udp eq 7651
permit udp eq 7652

I hope this helps you.

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