Firewall problems

Phil Hochstetler (
Thu, 3 Aug 95 14:49:47 PDT

I saw a post recently that development work was going to be done to
improve debugging hostname and firewall problems. I would like to put
in my two cents worth for a new feature that would make CUSM usable for me.

I live behind a firewall that will not allow the ports used by CUSM (and
won't for political reasons). I run NT 3.51 and have a regular LAN
connection and a PPP connection to a local internet providor. Thus, I run
my PC as a "dual-homed" machine with 2 network interfaces (and thus 2 IP
addresses). I use the route command to direct accesses either to the LAN
or PPP interface. This works great for all programs except CUSM. Currently,
the CUSM program looks up my IP address by doing a hostname lookup and
obtains the LAN IP address. I want it to use my PPP address (the LAN return
path is blocked by the firewall, the PPP address is not).

My request is to allow me to specify the 2nd network adapter (don't know
if the is possible with Winsock 1.1 spec) or at and option to let me
hardwire the IP address to the program.

I can not use a local hosts file (and I have tried) as name lookups go to
DNS first and then never look in the host file.

Any chance of this simple change?

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Beaverton, Oregon