NV on Reflector!

New Kok Hong (khnew@network2.cs.usm.my)
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 20:54:06 +0800

Anyone out there encounter the following when running nv and connect it
to the Cu-SeeMe reflector.
When I run the nv-3.3b version and connect it CUSM reflector for Linux
(Version 3.0b3) it gives me the following error?

packet received through nv_ucast_sock
NV client at is opening a connection
Unable to convert NV encoding for
deleting client

The CUSM reflector was set to NV running on unicast at port 4444 with the
following line in the reflect.conf file.


This reflector is running well if the CUSM client is connect to it.

Also, it gives me the same problem by using the latest version of the
CUSM reflector for Linux (version - 4.0b).

Any idea?

New Kok Hong