an insight

Fri, 4 Aug 1995 09:09:05 -0400

here is why many people may be unable to u*subscribe from this list:

Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 18:34:15 EDT
From: Cornell University Mailing List Server <>
Subject: Error Condition Re: Invalid request

>U*SUBSCRIBE CU-SEEME-L You are not subscribed to list

If you wish to contact a person, please send mail to .
To get general help on Listproc, please send the command:


in the body of the message to
PS: Any subsequent requests you might have submitted in the same message
have been ignored.

the funny part is that I most definitely *am* subscribed to the list, and I
am not a newbie who does not know how to u*subscribe. If anyone from
cornell with the power is reading this, please u*subscribe me. Thank you.

Note: the u*subscribe is spelled so for the purpose of getting this message
thru your killfilters. thanks michael.