Re: **QuickCam for Windows - PC Connection**
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 10:37:53 -0400

At 8:28 AM 8/4/95 +0948, Sam Hodge wrote:
>Dear CU-Users,
> I have heard that there is a new macintosh version coming
>out soon that will allow lurkers to change the encoding of thier audio
>which would be a great help to me as I have an ISDN and ppl with 28.8K
>modems cannot understand what I say at 64Kb/s. Does anybody know when it
>is coming out

Thanks for reminding me of another important feature of this new version,
another good reason why we must get it out soon. The new version for the
Mac will almost certainly be out in Beta by the end of next week.

>the developers said it was coming out in a week about a
>week ago.

I must take issue with this remark: it was surely at least a month ago
that we said it would be out in a week! Sorry about the misleading

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