Query: V.Fast Turbo Conditioners; cameras for Macs

Chris Rowan (chris@tenet.edu)
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 10:44:42 -0500 (CDT)

Hello everyone,

I have managed to borrow a Quadra from our school district's Technology
Coordinator for a CUSM project that is currently in the "Planning and
Acquisition" stage. I'm "planning to acquire" a QuickCam, USRobitics
external V.Everything 28.8, Mac cable, a V.Fast Turbo Conditioner (maybe),
and a SLIP account.

I will purchase a QuickCam, unless someone can suggest an affordable color
alternative. I suspect that a color camera will eat up more bandwidth
than a greyscale camera, though, and it looks as though I'm going to
have to settle for 28.8 kbps.

ISDN is just too expensive. Even if ISDN was affordable, there are no
providers in my area. The LD charges would eat my lunch. So, I'll
probably purchase a SLIP connection from Valley Tech (a local internet
provider) for ~ $30.00 a month. Valley Tech plans to be an ISDN provider
sometime in the future, so I may get a digital modem . . . later.

I was thumbing through the _Black Box_ catalog and found something called
a "V.Fast Turbo Conditioner" that is supposed to ". . . clean up your
dialup line so you can get all the throughput your V.34 modem can handle."
Is it worth the $600.00 price tag?!? I'm really curious about this
because I would purchase one of these (or a lower-priced competitor's) if
I thought it was really worth it. Does "line conditioning" really affect
throughput that drastically?

Best regards,
Chris Rowan, teacher
Morningside Elementary