CU-SeeMe Consortium Do'ins 1-2

Martyne Hallgren (
Fri, 04 Aug 1995 13:14:43 -0400

BOF at Networld+Interop

The CU-SeeMe Consortium will be sponsoring a BOF at Networld+Interop
in Atlanta.. I will announce the place and time as soon as we receive it.
This is the only activity at N+I that Cornell is sponsoring i.e. we
DO NOT have a booth on the exhibit floor..

Networld+Interop Announcement:

CU-SeeMe: Uses and Users
Chairman: Martyne M. Hallgren, Executive Director, CU-SeeMe Consortium

The low-cost desktop video conferencing software CU-SeeMe is
sweeping the Internet worldwide. For folks who have only
heard of the software, this BOF will offer a brief overview
of the package, with information on downloading the software
and getting on the discussion lists. Current enthusiasts are
encouraged to attend and share their experiences and their wishlists
with other users, developers, and the Cornell CU-SeeMe Consortium staff.