CU-SeeMe Consortium Do'ins 2-2

Martyne Hallgren (
Fri, 04 Aug 1995 13:25:55 -0400

Hi folks,

I am in the midst of planning the first Technical Briefing offered
by the Cornell CU-SeeMe Consortium. I would like to get your
feedback. Please send your comments as well as any queries about
joining the consortium or attending the Briefing DIRECTLY
to me at


Martyne Hallgren


The Technical Briefing Series is at the heart of the "developer's"
track of activities sponsored by the Consortium. It's meant to be
1 or 2 days of intense face-to-face interaction, focusing on some
of the latest and greatest developments of CU-SeeMe.

Consortium members may send up to 2 people at no charge (more than that -
you need to talk to me directly).. Non-consortium members may
attend at a fee ($500) which will be applied to their membership
fee if they join the Consortium within 60 days following the briefing.
(Non-members can only attend once every 2 years without joining).

DETAILS - Technical Briefing I

A) Location and Date

We will be broadcasting the Briefing via CU-SeeMe as a Closed Conference,
for those folks (especially non-US) who are unable to justify the
expense of a 1/2 day meeting. (we will also video tape just in case
the net has some problems or for those folks who like to sleep)..

Location - Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Date - End of September, after Interop or beginning of October. Final
dates will be announced within the next 2 weeks.


The following are some of the suggested topics. Please send comments
on what you want to see or would like to have included. (While this
briefing is focused on development, if you have "User/Uses" ideas,
please send them along too - thanks!)

We have also considered having a one day "Intro to the Client" or
"Intro to the Reflector" workshop for folks ready to start doing
serious development. We would offer one for both MAC and PC.
It may be offered in addition to the briefing (at the same place
and the next day) or instead of a mixed agenda with topics shown below.
What do you think??

Suggested Topics:

95-96 Project Plans - Cornell and White Pine
Intro to Writing Plugins
Open Question and Answer with CU Developers
RoundTable between Consortium members - what new features are you
planning on sharing with community
Affects of CU-SeeMe on Network Traffic - focus Network Service Providers

What else would you like to see???


I'm going to take the feedback I get over the next week, develop
an agenda and set the time.. you may also call me at 607-254-8324
if you'd like voice contact (next week please). Don't be shy about
telling me what you'd like to see. The Briefings are a benefit
to the organizations who have joined us in supporting the
CU-SeeMe project by becoming members of the Consortium.

Best Regards

Martyne Hallgren
Executive Director
CU-SeeMe Consortium