Windows audio! / Video mystery (???)

Guy J Alvis (
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 21:02:52 -0700

I received a suggestion that the reflector may be sensing my
slow connection and turning off the sound, resulting in
only intermittant "clicking and burps" for audio. I tried
turning off the "X" in the box the CONNECT dialogue box
that indicates "I will receive video" to see if this
might improve the audio. Result: I still get video! Hmmm.

Coincidently, I also received my "best yet" audio. Mostly
clicking and burps, but many 3 to 5 second periods of
crystal clear audio (along with good quality 1 fps video)
on my 28.8 SLIP connection.

This leads me to question whether CUSeeMe can deliver
satisfactory video and audio over a 28.8K connection. I
am beginning to think that my problems are originating from
reflectors and my Internet Service Provider's equipment.

My experience is that there is a big difference in the quality
of the signal from various reflectors. NYSERNET, WHITEPINE
and QUARK/NASA are always superior to CORNELL, etc. Others
with faster connections or Macs seem to be getting good
performance from these reflectors so that leads me to suspect
that my ISP is screwing things up somehow.

Finally, Since I have observed virtually perfect video with
no audio, and "pretty good" video with occasioanlly perfect
audio, I think there may be some hope for the Windows software
performing at 28.8K some day.

Keep up the good work. I am eagerly awaiting the next version!


My configuration:

Computer Model/Name/Speed : Dell Pentium 60 w/ 8M RAM
Operating System (version) : Dos 6.2 w/ Windows 3.1
Make/Model/ of video card : N/A
Make/Model/ of audio card : Sound Blaster 16
Make/Model/ of camera : N/A
Make/Model/ of microphone : N/A
Version of CU-SeeMe used : W0.65b2
Name/Version of TCP/IP Driver : Trumpet Winsock 2.0 Revision A
Type of Internet connection : SLIP/ 28.8K (28.8K connection)

My Problems:

Program Start-up : OK
Connect to Reflector : OK;NYSERNET seems to perform better than CORNELL
Video Send : N/A: I'm a lurker.
Video Receive : typical: 0 fps and 04K;
best yet: 15 fps @ 27k (from pretty "nantucket")
Audio Send : N/A
Audio Receive : typical: occasional burps
best yet: 2-3 sec periods of "perfect" (NASA)

Bug Report:

CUSeeMe caused GPF in CUSeeMe.exe @ 0002:6DF7
CUSeeMe caused GPF in Winsock.dll @ 0008:19EF