Richard Collins (
Sat, 5 Aug 1995 05:07:00 -0230

Has anyone suffered similiar problems...

I am configuring a remote teaching system that will see classes beamed
out to remote sites (average 150 miles per site) to 7 sites via
sattelite. The return video will be via CUSEEME from each site. We are
running from 64k links to a T1 cloud and back through our pipe of 256k.

I have some of the systems up running AV MAC 6100's. I'm getting regular
sessions where I can connect to the remote machines instantly but I see no
video. This might happen for an hour or two and then everything is fine
again. It's as if the remote machine is sending nothing (O kbs). At
other times I will receive an average of 50-60 kbs. It seems fairly
random. Usually it flip-flops between sites.

Is it a symptom of a frame-relay system? Are the MACs known for such

If anyone's had any experiences similiar to this I'm eager to hear from
them. Thanks!