RE: Captivator Problems
Sat, 5 Aug 1995 15:16:02 -0500

In case anyone also has software problems
installing VidoLogic's Captivator, this is
what you MUST ber certain exists in your
system.ini file:

Section: [386Enh]
device=vvlcapd.386 <--
Section: [drivers]

NEW Section: [vlcap.drv]
portbase=xxx (which ever I/O you use)
interrupt=xx (which ever you use)
videostandard=0 <--
videocable=0 <--
width=160 <--
height=120 <--
constraianed=1 <--
videoformat=1 <--
autodetect=1 <--

the entries marked with "<--" are NOT made by
the Setup. Also, once your system is up and
running, the vlcap.drv entries will change
depending on your configuration.

I hope this helps someone, I've spent the
better part of the day, jacking around with this.