Re: sending video broadcast

Christopher Davis (
Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:41:55 -0400

GH> == Greg Harris <gharris@fuji.Stanford.EDU>

GH> I apologize for not specifing what we would really be using this for
GH> in my previous inquiry. One of the ideas we had was to give a short
GH> video on basic Japanese words mainly for business people who would be
GH> traveling to Japan - kind of survival skills. This is not something
GH> to plug the center and not something that we can "put up a gif or two
GH> on the web" to accomplish. If anyone has some helpful suggestions I
GH> would appreciate it.

Put up a QuickTime movie, or series of QuickTime movies, on a Web page.
This gives you video-on-demand (people can wait a few minutes for it to
download since it's *NOT* live anyway); it gets through firewalls, unlike
CU-SeeMe; it can be saved and watched again, even when they're not
connected (such as on the plane on the way to Japan)... in other words,
it's the right tool for the job. CU-SeeMe is not.