Re: problems with mbone->cusm

david a. schlussel (
Mon, 7 Aug 1995 13:04:18 -0400 (EDT)

I was working on this for a while also, but got sidetracked.
I was thinking of a BCC (blind carbon copy) to a cusm reflector
but haven't tried it. Wow would i love it if you could get that
to work.

Also, I thought that AIX only had unicast reflectors available.
the version I got of 4.00B1 was called reflect.AIX.NOMC, meaning
NO MultiCast, which was all they had at the standard (I forget
where) site.

Where else can I look?

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On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, Andrew Germaine wrote:

> i've got the following scenario:
> an aix box running mrouted with a tunnel in and a tunnel out.
> this box also has an ethernet on which i have 2 sun sparc stations.
> ive got one sparc with multicast kernel extensions and one without.
> i can use SD and vat and nv and wb with no problems on the sparc with the
> multicast kernel. ive got a reflector running. i can start a nv session
> and grab the screen and pipe it to the reflector with no problem but i
> cant seem to pipe vat to the reflector and i cant pipe any sd sessions
> to the reflector. would someone be kind enough to send me their reflect.conf
> and a brief description of their setup so that I may see what im doing wrong
> in my reflect.conf file? im monitoring the reflector with a PC on that
> same ethernet running 0.65b2 (which i always get audio and video with, due
> to my "unlimited" bandwidth)... any help would be appreciated. If this works,
> I will most likely make this a public reflector and make mbone events
> available on cuseeme.
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