Re: QucicCam and Mac/AV
Mon, 7 Aug 1995 13:29:36 -0400

At 4:03 PM 8/6/95 +0500, sleeper wrote:
>I've got a quickcam connected to the printer port of my mac 6100/AV. The
>problem I'm having is that CU-SeeMe can't find the quickcam. It stops
>at the AV card and, seeing no camera THERE, it tells me that I can't
>Is this an either/or situtaion? Do I have to save the quickcam for a
>non-AV machine? Will I need to get a camera for the AV card?

If you have the latest version of CU-SeeMe (0.80b2), you should be able to
choose between the AV and the Quickcam (as well as other supported vdig's)
from the "Video" pop-up menu, which is found in the controls beneath your
local video window. If this is not the case, and you have the Quickcam
properly installed (e.g., you can use it with other applications besides
CU-SeeMe), then check you monitor depth setting. If you monitor is set too
deep (i.e., to the highest settting in your Monitors Control Panel), then
the AV digitizer will not work. It is possible that CU-SeeMe is
encountering this error and assuming that digitizing will not work at all
before it ever finds the QuickCam. If so, then reducing your monitor depth
by one level should solve the problem. CU-SeeMe might still come up trying
to use the AV, but you should then be able to select the QuickCam, and it
will be saved in your Preferences.

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