Re: Transmission Settings, 0fps 0.0 kbits

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Tue, 08 Aug 1995 10:12:08 +0200

At 21:58 7-08-95 EST, wrote:
> Help! I seem to be unable to receive video or sound at any
> reflector sites. It appears all my equipement is up to
> spec.
> After connecting for one min., Cu-see me times only with
> error message"Hmmm, there appears to be a problem". So far,
> the only thing I can figure out is that I am connecting at
> 0fps and 0.0kps a minute. I am also unable to change my
> transmission settings in preferences. Is this a common bug?
> Any suggestions on how to fix it? All help will be greatly
> appreciated! Thanks
Could be a lot of things, but I cured the same symptoms by changing from
to Trumpet Winsock.
Hope that helps, or at least dosn't waste a lot of time for nothing.
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