Forwarding a Mbone session to CuSeeMe participants!

Karl-Heinz Gasper (
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 13:27:43 +0000

Hi All,
Here I have a tested solution of forwarding a mbone session to CuSeeMe
without modifying the reflect.conf file. Only the unicast parameters should be

NV sequence:
1) open the mbone session using nv
2) open the cu-seeme session using nv
3) set the cu-seeme nv encoding to CU-SeeMe.
4) set the cu-seeme nv grabber to X screen grab (fixed)
5) select the mbone window as the fixed area.
(the above is the proposal of David Schlussel; see also: )

VAT sequence:
Start on a separate Unix box:
VAT -m mbone-ip-adr/mbone-port/DVI reflect-ip-adr/reflect-port/DVI
(see VAT man page for additional parameters if necessary!)

I tried to start the NV and VAT sessions on a single SGI box; but the VAT
hanged up ( I do not know why? )

The above solution works too for forwarding from reflector to reflector!
If there is anybody with a different solution please e-Mail!

Karl-Heinz e-Mail: