Re: QucicCam and Mac/AV (fwd)

Steven Taubman (sjt@GFDL.GOV)
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 10:13:35 -0400 (EDT)

> >At 4:03 PM 8/6/95 +0500, sleeper wrote:
> >>I've got a quickcam connected to the printer port of my mac 6100/AV. The
> >>problem I'm having is that CU-SeeMe can't find the quickcam. It stops
> >>at the AV card and, seeing no camera THERE, it tells me that I can't
> >>send.
> To date, I have yet to get the quickCam to work while plugged into the
> printer port.

I use the QuickCam through the printer port...albeit on my Mac IIsi.
I seem to recall, however, that you need to _re-install_ the QuickCam
software to get it to look at your printer port instead of the modem port.


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