Re: getting CuSeeMe from Linux

Tuomas Eerola (te@UWasa.Fi)
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 17:34:48 +0300 (EET DST)

> For Linux I have some questions:
> 1. Does anybody have NV and VAT on a Linux box (version 1.2.8)? If yes, from
> where can I download this software for Linux?

Fixed and compiled version for linux is at:

Standard NV CU-SeeMe encoding does not work on wrong-endian machines
(Intel&Digital), in same directory is also a patch for original sources.
Sources are on in net-research or something.

NV also does not work on 16-bit-depth screens, you need 8-bit = 256 colors.

> 2. Is a video board necessary to realize 'video receive only'?

You can also use X11 screen grab.

> 3. Can I take the Windows audio/video boards? If yes, from where can I
> get the Linux drivers (if there is no Linux driver in the delivery)?

There is linux drivers available for one videocard, it was somethingII,
maybe ScreenMachineII, I cannot remember for sure.