Point-to-point audio problem

Mike Cottam (cottam@taff.cf.ac.uk)
Tue, 08 Aug 1995 15:58:50 +01:00

Can anybody suggest why I do not get audio transmitted with the
video (which is fine) on point-to-point transmission from a mac
quadra 950 to a mac lc 3. Both are running CUSM 68k0.80b2. Both
are on a 10 MB ethernet lan. It does not matter whether I use the
video camera mic or the mac mic - no audio. (I can as a separate
exercise capture video and audio using video spigot and play them
back). I have Audio windows open on both quadra and lc3, although
I notice that "Push to talk" and "Send" are greyed-out. Is this
fact significant? Should the audio transmission work? Am I doing
something wrong? Have I missed something? Any suggestions
gratefully received.


--Mike Cottam, Computing Centre, Cardiff University of Wales,
-- 40-41 Park Place, Cardiff, CF1 3BB, Wales, UK.