Question about broadcast TV, e.g. NASA TV.

Tue, 8 Aug 1995 17:28:33 GMT

Hi people

I'm new here, so if this is an inappropriate question for the list,
please flame me GENTLY...

I recently watched the Shuttle/Mir docking on NASA TV via CuSeeMe -
it was quite exciting to get live pictures when our British
terrestrial TV was only showing recordings about 2 hours after the
event. That was my first use of CuSeeMe and I was quite impressed.

So... Are there any other broadcasts of interest that I could pick
up? I connected to a reflector yesterday and got three windows
showing people mooching around in their offices. I'm sure they're
very interesting people but it's not something I'd want to watch for
more than about 2 seconds :-) Are there any webcam-type services
where you can watch the waves breaking on the sun-drenched shores of
Hawaii or something like that? How about other TV stations? Any


John Randall <>