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William Graham (panamaw@inforamp.net)
Wed, 09 Aug 95 01:09:44 0000

I have a MAC 5200CD Performa Power PC with the Apple Video/TV
system/System 7.5/8meg. I also have a camcorder Canon E520 with the
required RCA cable.
My problem is that I can set the Cu-Seeme system to receive but not to
send. I am not sure if it is because that the AV card that comes bundle
with the TV Tuner system is not compatible with the software, or if my
camcorder is not apropiate (the manual indicates that you can use a
camcorder). I think that the software is not locating the AV card in my
machine. When I first lunch the software I get the menu bar and the
windows of the people sending, but I do not get one with my video input.
I would apreciate any sugestions that anybody can give me on how to get
the system working correctly with my actual configuration, and if I can
not what I would have to do to get it working. Basically I would like to
be able to send and receive audio and video to take full advantage of
the system.
Most of my family is outside Canada and this could be a great way to
comunicate with them now and then, but before I advise them on what they
need to buy so they can use CU-Seeme I would like to test the system

Thanking you in advance William Graham
P.S. I apologise for my grammatical errors, my first lenguage is not