Linux Reflector

JR Oldroyd (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 13:51:58 -0400 (EDT)


I've just joined this list. Back on July 21st, I ftp'd a copy of the
reflector for Linux, 4.00b1. I immediately noticed that it had not
been compiled with the -DLITTLE_BITFIELDS flag. This flag controls the
big endian/little endian selection for the RTP support, which is used by
the mbone/nv software.

I have tried to get a message to the folks now in charge of the source,
to request that the Linux reflector be recompiled with this flag. I've
had no response to my message. The version on the Cornell FTP site is
still the same version from July 21st. So, I thought I'd try this list.

Could anyone tell me:
either: is there a recompiled Linux 4.0 version available,
and if so, where?

or: how do I get in touch with the person who can
recompile this and put it up

Many thanks,