Performa 630

Head of Computer Services (
Wed, 09 Aug 1995 20:24:36 +0100

Dear Björn

In response to your question about Mac Performa 630s, I can tell you that
I am trying to use one with a QuickCam. I seem to have a problem sending a
complete image over anything less than a 10MB/s link. To put it another way
I can send a complete image over out local ethernet network/Domain (the
two are the same), but as soon as I try to send to another domain only the
bottom eighth of the picture is transmitted. I'm not sure where the problem
lies, it may be the Performa Ethernet card, or it may be something to
do with MAC O/S 7.5. I'ld be interested to hear of anybody else who is
sure they are sending complete pictures of themselves using a Performa
630, a QuckCam and MAC O/S 7.5. Otherwise check out the QuickCam carefully.
Other MACs (Quadras in the main) on the same ethernet segment have no
problems, and I can receive full pictures of other users, so all the evi-
dence points to some incompatibility between the QuickCam and the Performa
rather than the ethernet card.