Re: Mac Internet launcher

Bill Ryan (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 15:51:16 -0800

Currently, the Macintosh version of CU-SeeMe does NOT support an automatic
connection to a reflector or to another user via a Web link.

It does support automatic start-up via a Web link (as does any other
Macintosh app.). This is done by making CU-SeeMe a "Helper App." and adding
the app type to your web server.

The automatic connection to a reflector via a Web link capability will be
part of White Pine's commercial version due out 4th quarter of 1995. We
even demo'd it months ago at the DVC show.

Cornell also has been working on this capability, but I don't know what
their plans are for releasing it in their public version.

This question is raised every month, maybe it should be folded into the

Stay tuned,


>There has been a query or two regarding an internet (Netscape) automatic
>launcher for CUSeeMe reflectors. Has anyone had any luck? I can access
>CUSeeMe GO through my Mac but I cannot launch our own reflector site from
>our Web pages.
>Please post reply direct to list for everyone to share.

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