Re: Linux Reflector

Bill Ryan (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 15:55:04 -0800

I thought this had been addressed already :(

I'll pass it along to our reflector team.

I'll ask them to post to the list when its ready.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


>I've just joined this list. Back on July 21st, I ftp'd a copy of the
>reflector for Linux, 4.00b1. I immediately noticed that it had not
>been compiled with the -DLITTLE_BITFIELDS flag. This flag controls the
>big endian/little endian selection for the RTP support, which is used by
>the mbone/nv software.
>I have tried to get a message to the folks now in charge of the source,
>to request that the Linux reflector be recompiled with this flag. I've
>had no response to my message. The version on the Cornell FTP site is
>still the same version from July 21st. So, I thought I'd try this list.
>Could anyone tell me:
> either: is there a recompiled Linux 4.0 version available,
> and if so, where?
> or: how do I get in touch with the person who can
> recompile this and put it up
>Many thanks,
> -jr

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