Windows Audio Reception

Nicholas Heilweil (NHeilweil@Getty.Edu)
Wed, 09 Aug 1995 19:03:06 -0800

I am a CU-SeeMe newbie and have some general questions about my
setup. I am running version W0.65b2 under Windows. If I attach to a
reflector, such as the Carnegie-Mellon NASA-TV reflector at, I get the video window fine, but the audio does not always
come through. Sometimes in the middle of a session, the Audio window
suddenly "comes alive" and I get audio, but not generally. Is anyone else
running this successfully?

My other question is about the conference id. What is it used for? Does
conference 0 show up on all the other conference numbers. Might this
be affecting my audio?

Thanks in advance for any help,


Nicholas Heilweil (310) 451-6310
J. Paul Getty Trust, Networking and Telecommunications