Linux Dyin' Again

Richard Collins (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 23:49:31 -0230

The REflector 4.01 that we're running on our central Linux box is
incredibly unstable (that's all this Pentium90 does). I'm trying to setup a
self-supporting arrangement
with 7 remote sites and not have to frequently reconnect is important.
Today I attempted to have our travelling crew configure the system which
resides 1000 miles away. It is a MAC 6100AV and can't seem to remain
connected to the reflector for an hour without the reflector crashing and

Previously I had noted the NV problem with the linux code but I've set
the configuration of the reflector back to basic defaults and it still
can't remain stable for more than an hour (no NV or multicast entries at

I know someone is working this but I'm in a bad position and I write this
to encourage a rebuild as quickly as possible.