My Mac IIcx's sound died while using CU - any ideas?

Thu, 10 Aug 1995 13:39:36 GMT

Hi people

I don't know whether this is something to do with CU-SeeMe, or
whether it would have happened anyway, but...

I have a IIcx with no special sound device, just the built-in
hardware. I connected to the Internet TV service, and at first got
just [fairly broken] sound. Just after I brought the video window
up, the sound stopped and refused to work again. Now this Mac is
completely speechless - system sounds, other apps like Sound
Machine... nothing works (some give error code -201, which is listed

'notEnoughHardware Insufficient hardware available [no more
channels for the specified synthesiser]').

The only time I get anything is if I go into the Sound Control Panel
and move the slider up and down - then there is a slight click from
the speaker each time I move it.

The problem persists after shutting down and restarting.

If anyone has any information on this little probbie, I would be very
grateful if you would get in touch.

Ta muchly

John Randall