new pc users guide

Hal Pressman (
Thu, 10 Aug 95 10:03:01 -0400

I am a new user, receive only,latest version and have a couple of
questions : 1. Is there a pc faq and if so,where? 2. Is the maximize
button supposed to enlarge the screen? When I click on it,the screen
becomes an icon. What are the purpose of the minimize and maximize
buttons? I read Mike Sattler's User's Guide which explains the various
windows for the Mac but nothing for the PC users.Would appreciate direct
Email responses in case I miss any postings. Any other specific
suggestions for a new user to get some help on basic receive operations
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Hal Pressman
P.S. I use a 28800 modem, 486 33sx PC ,8mg ram,Trumpet winsock ,Netscape
browser and Netcom access.