New Reflector 4.0B2

David S. Dworkin (
Thu, 10 Aug 95 14:23:28 EDT

Hello everyone,

Within the next hour, 4.0B2 of the reflector will be appearing at White Pine's
ftp area.

You can download the files from White Pine's web page at and then follow the links to download the
software ("Connect Live With Cu-SeeMe"), or go directly to the ftp site at

Here is a list of items new for B2:

1) Fix audio bug with the newest versions of the clients connecting
to the reflector; there was a problem sending directed audio to the

2) Fix bug in the DEC Alpha OSF/1 reflector. It would not accept
connections before.

3) Fixed LINUX bug communicating with NV clients

4) Have a multicast version of the LINUX reflector

5) Fix bug where newest Mac client would crash reflector on SunOS and
Solaris (structures were not falling on longword boundary)

I know there have been some new reports of LINUX problems. I have yet to
reproduce the same symptoms here, so if you still have problems with version
B2, please let me know, and try and isolate how the problem is produced.

Have fun,

David Dworkin
White Pine Software