New Linux Binary

David R. Montgomery (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 18:37:00 -0100

Hi all -

The previous two versions of the reflector worked just fine on this setup,
so I'm curious...

I downloaded the reflect.LINUX.tar.Z file & un-tar.Z'ed in the same fashion
as I had the previous releases (tar --extract --uncompress --file
reflect.LINUX.tar.Z), in it's own spankin'new directory. The files came out,
but the binaries (reflect & refmon) were not flagged as executables. I used
chmod x to do that, and they work, but I wonder if I did something wrong, or
were they just released that way?

Also, when I launch relfect I get

reflect: using incompatible library '/lib/'
Desire minor version >= 6 and found 5

I'm running Linux version 1.1.54, slackware release, so I'm aware that it's
probably out of date. Previous releases of reflect ran without complaining,

Finally, in spite of the error message, the reflector works. What are the
potential consequences of having that library be out of date?


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