RE: New Linux Binary

Lee Nelson (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 22:13:35 -0400

You need to update your C runtime library. Actually it sould like you =
need to totally reinstall Linux from scratch to a release that came out =
anytime in the past year or so? 1.1.59 is ancient. Dates back to 1993.

From: David R. Montgomery[]
Sent: Thursday, August 10, 1995 3:37 PM
Subject: New Linux Binary

Hi all -

The previous two versions of the reflector worked just fine on this =
so I'm curious...

I downloaded the reflect.LINUX.tar.Z file & un-tar.Z'ed in the same =
as I had the previous releases (tar --extract --uncompress --file
reflect.LINUX.tar.Z), in it's own spankin'new directory. The files came =
but the binaries (reflect & refmon) were not flagged as executables. I =
chmod x to do that, and they work, but I wonder if I did something =
wrong, or
were they just released that way?

Also, when I launch relfect I get

reflect: using incompatible library '/lib/'
Desire minor version >=3D 6 and found 5

I'm running Linux version 1.1.54, slackware release, so I'm aware that =
probably out of date. Previous releases of reflect ran without =

Finally, in spite of the error message, the reflector works. What are =
potential consequences of having that library be out of date?


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