Re: Help needed for local setup (Windows 3.11 and CU-SEEME)

Ernesto Hilton F. (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 18:59:36 -0600

QUESTION ONE: I would like to use CU-seeme on our local net, currently I
have a internet provider link via modem to our in-house windows for
workgroups (3.11) net. This allows tie-in to the outside but I don't know
how to setup windows, or CU-seeme, so I can vid-conf. between our local net
users? =20

Nice questions!

I do this quite often, so I think I can help you...

First of all, you need to have TCP/IP on your Windows 3.11 network. Although
you don't specify if there is another kind of servers around (Novell, OS2,
Unix, etc.), I assume this is a plain "out of the box" Windows 3.11. I
assume you selected NETBEUI as your connection protocol (This is Microsoft's
default for this product).

You can get TCP/IP or TCPIP32 (for 32 bit machines) directly from
ftp.MICROSOFT.COM (Free). You install it the same way you installed NETBEUI
(Which of course, will have to be removed). You assign IP numbers to each
local terminal and Bingo!. you have videoconferencing (And all the rest of
nice Internet applications) between terminals as well.

QUESTION TWO: Can CU-seeme be setup to view/talk between two building
using only direct phone hookup (modem to modem) and no internet provider or
inter-office LAN. We have a remote site that does not need Internet or LAN
but does need to be included in our video-conf. system?

This same procedure goes for 2 terminals working in different buildings and
connected through an ETHERNET or any other kind of LAN system. Unfortunately
I haven't been able to find a driver (such as a TCP/IP compatible dialer),
that will allow me to use a Modem directly with WFW 3.11, for instance, or a
direct RS-232 (or centronics for this matter) type connection with these
nice software. (Shame on you, Microsoft guys!). Windows NT has this
capabilities built in but, of course, a WFW version of this dialer will be
greatly welcomed!.

I think however, you might be able to write down a script for your Winsock
Trumpet software that will allow one machine to call through a dialup
telephone line (or internal PBX) the other one that in turn will "answer"
and establish a SLIP or PPP connection, which in turn will provide a TCP/IP
connection between the two machines, allowing an Internet style link. I
haven't tried this but I would certainly be very happy to help you implement
something around this problem.

Finally, I need to have more details on how you set up your TCP/IP
connection to the outside world (INTERNET), in order to help you having all
working nicely together. (Do you used Trumpet Winsock, Windows NT or what?)


By the way, This features will be Standard in Windows 95 (At least that's
what I understand!).

Hope this helps. Let me know how this worked out!.

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