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Ernesto Hilton F. (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 19:00:02 -0600

Can I use a a regular camcorder instead of a quickcam?

You bet!. Actually you can use any device that can produce a regular NTSC
(National TV Standard for Color) video signal, such as VCR's, Video laser
disks, Video games, video mixers, Satellite dish video output, Genlockers
and NTSC video computer output signals (Such as Amiga, Radio Shack TRS-80 or
Commodore computers, just to mention a few.=20

Please note that the only restrictions here are imposed either by:

a) The type of video input that your Videocard accepts (The standard in the
U.S., and all Latin America is NTSC but there are other better TV standards
in Europe like PAL, SECAM, etc.).

b) The number of frames transmitted are directly proportional to the amount
of "video change" in your TV picture. Therefore, don't expect an Arnold
Schwarzenneger movie to be transmitted at the same rate as a steady view of
an empty office.

Finally, I think your Video camcorder will provide much better results than
a cheap quickcam camera. Of course, all color information will be discarded.

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