cu-seeme via 14.4 PPP, dynamically assigned IP

Robert M Keslinke (playback@Onramp.NET)
Fri, 11 Aug 95 11:38:47 PDT

I am currently running an IBM PC 486/66, 16 MB of ram over a 14.4 USR
Sportster Fax/Modem. My service provider is On-Ramp Technologies in
Dallas, TX. Their system dynamically assigns IP numbers when the user
connects. I downloaded the Windows version of cu-seeme and tried to
follow the instructions. I have to admit that when I fired off the
program, it messed up my system pretty bad. Mostly my fault. I'm
using Netmanage Chameleon 4.5 for my IP stack.

All the documentation I have read to date assumes you have a permanently
assigned IP. Is there anyway around this? Maybe it's in the FAQ and
I missed it. If so I apologize. Your help would be most appreciated.


Name: Robert M Keslinke
Phone: (214) 437-0088
Fax: (214) 783-0406