Audio for Mac question

Rogene Talento (
Sat, 12 Aug 1995 10:21:15 -0700

Hi everyone...

I've been playing with the new PC audio version (0.66b1) with limited
success, mostly due to my slow 14.4 connection (28.8 USR Sportster VI
arrives in 9 days).
I've actually been able to send audio over point to point connections quite
clearly, so I'm told (we use talk at the same time for feedback). My
question is this...I was testing it with another PC user, and was able to
hear much of what was said over my 14.4, but I couldn't do the same with a
Mac user? All I get from Mac users are clicks and pops.

I know it's probably due to my 14.4, but I was wondering if Mac users had
the two options for audio, 16 Kbs and 32 Kbs, as the windows users do, and
IF they do, where they can be accessed?

I ask for a couple of brother uses a Mac, and I'd like to save
on LD. Also, since he can't transmit video, he doesn't get the local video
window, and on the Windows program, this is the ONLY place you can access
the Audio send options.

Any info appreciated. Keep up the good work Team CU-Seeme!!

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