Re: Mac 660AV - SPBOpenDevice Failed

Marcus Augustus Alzona (Marcus+@CMU.EDU)
Sat, 12 Aug 1995 15:10:17 -0400 (EDT)

Excerpts from 11-Aug-95 Mac 660AV -
SPBOpenDevice F.. by Jah
> I have found digitizer component, but am unable to digitize, continue in
> receive-only mode?
> SPBOpenDevice Failed.
> Error = -227

I also get this message. It isn't the following:

Excerpts from 12-Aug-95 Re: Mac 660AV -
SPBOpenDevi.. by "Halvor Kise jr."@hiof.n
> This is because you run to many colors. Drop the colors to 8bit, and
> everything will be fine.

My guess is that you hit continue - it then goes to the audio setup, and
dies there.

I can run the latest CU-SeeMe with the proper video modes, but when I
try to send audio, it gives the SPBOpen/-227 error. In fact, this
happens when I click on send - and it then quits out of the application.

Anyone know what's going on? Or a workaround?


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