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Dr. Joe Baptista (
Sat, 12 Aug 1995 06:08:21 +0000

On Sun, 13 Aug 1995, x47red wrote:

> thats because i AM a juvenile.

Oh - that's nice. But could you do me a favour. I'm on this list and I
get what seems like hundred of message per day. I find the list
altogether very boring - and I'm only speaking for myself. I appreciate
the participation I see on this conference between individual. I never
read messages - I have autorobots scan content for what is useful or useless.

But this is a very important list for me, because I firmly believe the
people here are on the leading edge of technology - so I appreciate their
work very much, and always look forward to find that special gem of
content I can share or reply too.

Your message are not a bother too me, but non the less they concern me.
Your flaming could result in the deterioration of content in what has
been a very co-operative and beneficial adventure by individual dedicated
to the evolution of communications.

If you would like to flame people, drop me some private email, and I'll
help you become a master at it. I know numerous people you can torture
and I'll provide you the power and methodology to do it - but please
leave these human alone.

Joe Baptista

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