Kris Kristofferson Online Interview

Nancy at Justice (
Sun, 13 Aug 1995 14:12:21 -0500

Justice Record Company
August 15th Online Interview And Multimedia Release Event
Kris Kristofferson's A Moment Of Forever

Houston, TX - Justice Record Company and Gibson Guitars are working
together to bring the August 15th release of Kris Kristofferson's A Moment
Of Forever into the homes of online fans across the globe. With the right
equipment and connection, an Internet user can participate in the "meet and
greet" by asking the artist questions, watching and listening to the
interview, and reading about and listening to audio samples of the album.

Justice Records Alternative Marketing Division is coordinating the event.
Supervisor Nancy Worthington explains "This democratic medium gives us a
chance to spread the word about our artists. We have always felt that if
people just hear our stuff, they'll like it. The Internet gets the word
(and graphic, audio and video samples) out, and lets the end user interact
with the label and artist."

Nashville-based Gibson Guitars is hosting the event as well as providing
facilities and technical support. Worthington says "Gibson is ahead of the
game in their knowledge base and facilities. They are on the cutting edge
in this game. I'm pleased that we will get to work with them."

"The event will include several types of multimedia applications because we
are sensitive to the fact that not everyone has high speed data access the
likes of ISDN or ethernet." As long as a user has access to the Web, and
that includes America Online, Prodigy and CompuServe, there will be
something there for them." For the technocrats, there will be IRC (Internet
Relay Chat), CU-SeeMe video conferencing and Quicktime Movie clips."

The interview is scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm Central Standard Time, but
scheduling and access information will be available on the World Wide Web at