audio encoding selection -Reply

Nicholas Heilweil (NHeilweil@Getty.Edu)
Mon, 14 Aug 1995 16:06:51 -0800

Rich Kennerly <> regarding Windows version 0.66b1

> You can choose the encoding method Intel DVI 32kbs or DeltaMod
> 16kbs and the buffer size from the control panel which you can
> access from the button on the far right of the local video window.
> This might seem like the sort of option that one might expect to find on
> the main audio panel but we're trying to minimize the amount of screen
> space that we use for things that are showing all the time.

I have an audio card (and have been able to send audio -- although not
well...and FORGET about my receiving audio with any regularity) but I do
not have a video card. Therefore I do not have a "local video window"
which to bring up my audio encoding settings. Is there any place in the
CU-SEEME.INI file for these settings? What is the default setting?

p.s. Does anyone know what the TORQUE=0 setting is used for in the

Thanks in advance.

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