Re: audio encoding selection -Reply

Rogene Talento (
Mon, 14 Aug 1995 22:25:31 -0700

At 04:06 PM 8/14/95 -0800, Nicholas Heilweil wrote:

>I have an audio card (and have been able to send audio -- although not
>well...and FORGET about my receiving audio with any regularity) but I do
>not have a video card. Therefore I do not have a "local video window"
>which to bring up my audio encoding settings. Is there any place in the
>CU-SEEME.INI file for these settings? What is the default setting?

Well, since you mentioned it, I had a look, and YES, there does appear to be
a place for it in the cuseeme.ini file:

[Audio Settings]
BufferSize=100 mSec
Encoding Method=Delta-Mod (16 Kb/s)
Audio Window Open=Yes
Want Lurkers=Yes
Full Duplex=No
Microphone Level=128
Speaker Level=210
Squelch Level=128
Push To Talk Mode=Yes

So, I imagine you could just edit this file to achieve the settings you

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