New PC audio version

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 13:01:34 +0200

Dear All,
This a quick report on problems I have hit using the new Windows
version, in the hope that somone has some suggestions.
It remains impossible to connect machines point to point via our
ethernet. New with this version: if one machine from our domain is connected
to a reflector, it is impossible to connect a second machine to the same
I have received audio (with some gaps) but no users on the
reflectors responded to my audio. To save time can I suggest that everyone
who can not send audio, eg. because there is no microphone connected to the
card, should clearly show themselves as mute. Secondly, anyone receiving
tests of sound from the new PC version should send a confirmation.
The whole system froze twice. After any socket error it is necessary
to reboot Windows. CU-SeeMe can not be used a second time in the same
Windows sesion as it thinks it is still running. It takes several faults
before CU-SeeMe spots that the sound card is half duplex.
486-DX2 66Mhz 8MB RAM
Trumpet Winsock 2.1
Windows 3.1
SB16 Sound card
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