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Matt Trivisonno (
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 15:59:50 GMT


Yes, BeingThere is Mac-only for now. I haven't made a call with it yet, so
my knowledge is still limited. The text from their Web page follows, which
I hope will answer some of your questions. Since I am new to the Internet,
I hope I am not violating any rules by passing this on.

Intelligence at Large, Inc., maker of BeingThere line of document sharing
and video conferencing software, has announced a free upgrade to QuickTime
Conferencing (QTC) compatibility for BeingThere 2.0 users. Upgrades will be
available soonafter QTC is released.

Q. What will QTC add to BeingThere?

A. QTC enables IAL to enhance audio and video performance. QTC also provides
TCP/IP multicast capability, enabling BeingThere to broadcast to dozens,
even hundreds of viewers over the Internet. Finally, BeingThere will be able
to communicate with other QTC-based applications, and H.320-based systems
from PictureTel and Compression Labs (your Mac will need some extra
hardware, however).

Q. What enhanced features and functionality can I expect from QTC enabled
versions of BeingThere?

A. Starting with BeingThere's advanced document sharing and collaboration
features, you'll also get a phone book and mediation tools for group
conferencing. BeingThere will continue to provide high performance over
modem, ISDN, Internet and Ethernet connections. We'll also be adding video
email, video answering machine, advanced recording options for conferences,
powerful collaboration tools, and more!

Q. Will QTC enabled versions of BeingThere be cross platform?

A. Yes. IAL plans to have cross platform functionality for mixed
environments this year.

Q. Where can I download a trial version of BeingThere 2.0?

A. Visit IAL's WEB site or send email for ftp instructions:

Intelligence at Large, Inc.
3508 Market Street Suite 230
Philadelphia, PA 19104
fax 215/387-9215