Re: Unsubscriber solution (maybe)

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 10:05:09 +0200

At 19:14 14-08-95 -0400, James Vincent wrote:
> Another list I am on appends a small blurb of instructions
>for subscribing, unsubscribing, and mailing the admin at the end
>of _every_ message sent to the list. This adds a little more
>to each message (a few lines) but greatly reduces the number
>of messages incorrectly sent to the list. Perhaps that could be
>used here.
> Jim
>James Vincent
This would certainly solve some problems, I think mainly because
many people would filter all messages and so never need to u*subscribe. I
still think that if people suppressed the normal human "but we have always
done it this way" reflex, they would see that messages to the list is
probably a better user interface. As a compromise, maybe the list server
could refuse all messages with the subject S*bscribe or U*nsubscribe, with a
message explaining how to do it.

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