Re: New PC audio version

Glenn Azlin (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 08:30:03 +1000

>* Ian Carr-de Avelon wrote....

>Dear All,
> This a quick report on problems I have hit using the new Windows
>version, in the hope that somone has some suggestions.
> It remains impossible to connect machines point to point via our
>ethernet. New with this version: if one machine from our domain is connected
>to a reflector, it is impossible to connect a second machine to the same
> I have received audio (with some gaps) but no users on the
>reflectors responded to my audio. To save time can I suggest that everyone
>who can not send audio, eg. because there is no microphone connected to the
>card, should clearly show themselves as mute. Secondly, anyone receiving
>tests of sound from the new PC version should send a confirmation.
> The whole system froze twice. After any socket error it is necessary
>to reboot Windows. CU-SeeMe can not be used a second time in the same
>Windows sesion as it thinks it is still running. It takes several faults
>before CU-SeeMe spots that the sound card is half duplex.


I also noticed similar 'freezing problems on one PC but not the other. Both
PS's have half-duplex cards of dubious ancestry, but otherwise nothing too
out of the ordinary.

The PC which constantly froze, turned up its toes etc. is using WWG 3.11,
whereas the other PC was using Windows 95 (June Test Release). Win95 was by
far the most reliable!

An early 'evaluation' version of Cu-SeeMe (0.65a1) showed then that WWG was
only barely up to scratch for use as a platform for this type of
multi-tasking programme.

The audio still can be a little patchy, but of good quality as an extended
converstion to America clearly demonstrated. The only problem seemed to be
that of language accents!


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