ISDN question and sound bandwidth

Bart Kindt (
Wed, 16 Aug 95 11:54 GMT+1200

Hi all,
This question does not strictly belong in the mailing list, but it is
cuseeme related.

We are an ISP in Dunedin, New Zealand. We are involved in a trial with a
handfull of schools, who are using cuseeme for Remote Teaching and general
video conference.

The schools are currently using 28.8 kbps modems.
The problem is this: If you transmit video at 10 kbps (the minimum) and you
want to talk at the same time (16 kbps) there is in reality not enough

The sound simply breaks up to much. The only way the users can talk to each
other is by locking the video transmission while they talk.

At this time, the only solution is to use ISDN. ISDN is only now slowly
starting to take off in New Zealand. I have ordered a ISDN card for our
Linux based dial-in server. That part is pretty clear for us.

However, I have no idea what kind of ISDN equipment is to be used at the
The schools are using a mixture of Macintosh and PC computers.


- What kind of ISDN equipment should be used?
- What software drivers must be used to connect to s CSLIP dial-in system?
The InterSlip (or Trumpet Winsock) software should be able to 'talk' to
the ISDN equipment, like it was a modem.

I have noticed that many cuseeme users on this list are using ISDN.
I would greatly appreciate *any* information on how this is done, including
software setup, brand-names of ISDN equipment and phone- or Fax numbers of
companies which sell this equipment in the U.S. or in Europe.
We understand that the New Zealand ISDN system is compatible with the 'EURO'

On a related note: Is it true or not true that development is going on, on a
cuseeme sound system which uses much less bandwidth? I recall reading
something about a new system which uses only 5 or 8 kbps.

Any information whatsoever is very welcome.


Bart Kindt


Bart Kindt, Director, Efficient Software New Zealand LTD