CUSM and audio problems

Pete Clements (
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 19:56:08 -0400

A 28.8 connection (forget 14.4 entirely) simply does not have enough
bandwidth to support audio and video at the same time. Period. If you _do_
manage to get a few seconds of intelligible sound, count yourselves
fortunate. You should realize that this is not a failing on the part of
CUSM. The fact that this fine program is able to work over serial lines at
ALL is nothing short of amazing! When you consider the fact that it runs on
low end PC's and not Unix workstations, it's downright incredible!

If you absolutely MUST have audio NOW, your only options are:

1) Have an ISDN installed. It's expensive (at least for the time being) and
not available everywhere, but it offers suffecient bandwidth to handle
decent video refresh rates AND support quality audio. It's probably extreme
overkill for you recreational users, however and not worth it unless you
have money to burn :-)
There is a wealth of information about ISDN on the WWW, so if you're
interested, fire up Netscape and do a search...

2) Run a seperate program, such as Internet Phone, PowWow or IVC. This
option will only work if the other members of the conference are also using
it, of course. I have had really good results with Iphone- it works great
with Vidcall as well.

3) You **may** get somewhat better performance in a one-on-one conference,
but all of the experiments I have done with this have yielded non-consistent



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